Benefits of Rotisserie Grilling


When using “flat grilling”, grilling times and temperatures are a hit and miss game which leaves you guessing. This is because of extreme temperature fluctuations due to flare-ups and an overuse of charcoal.

The “Rotisserie Grilling System” along with our lighting methods and grilling charts, gives you control over the temperature and the amount of charcoal needed.


Using the “Rotisserie Grilling System” will give you predictable grilling times. This system, along with our lighting methods and grilling charts, will help you accurately predict grilling or cooking times of different food products, and eliminate the “is it done yet?” guessing game.


“Flare Ups” happen when a food product is grilled and/or cooked on a flat surface, and the drippings from the food product fall down onto the hot coals continuously in the same area. This can result in a barbeque disaster if not taken care of immediately.

Since the “Rotisserie Grilling System” stays in constant motion, most of the drippings land on the charcoal in different places and won’t consistently land in one spot. “Flare-Ups” are now virtually eliminated allowing you to produce a better product without standing over the grill with a spray bottle.


Watching, attending, or “babysitting” your grill is such a hassle, and every time you leave your “Flat Grill” there is a fear of “flare-ups” occurring.

Now you can give your attention to your friends and family instead of just standing there like a statue!  Also, because the “Rotisserie Grilling System” enables you to have predictable timing, you know when to add your sauces or bastes without having to constantly check on the food product.


Basting is an important part of grilling or barbequing. If not done at the right time or quantity, the food product you’re grilling or barbequing can become dried out. Also, if you baste too early, you will actually brush off any seasoning that you applied beforehand, losing any flavor they provide before the food product is done.

When using the “Rotisserie Grilling System” little to no basting is required. Since the food product is in constant motion the juices or moisture inside it are also continuously rotating. This prevents the juices or moisture from leeching out and allows you to apply your bastes earlier or reduces the need for them all together.


Consistently controlling cooking time and temperatures has always been a challenge with traditional “flat surface” grills.

When using the “Rotisserie Grilling System” you have the ability to control the temperature and time that is needed to grill or barbeque any type of food product. This allows you to grill or barbeque at a much lower slower rate or at a hotter faster one depending on what food product is being grilled.


With traditional “Flat Grills” adding sauces too early increases the risk of burning or caramelizing them before the food is done.

Because the “Rotisserie Grilling System” is in constant rotation, sauces can be added earlier without fear of burning. Adding your sauces earlier will allow the food product being grilled or barbequed to absorb more of the flavor.  It also creates an enhanced stickier outside coating for phenomenal results.


Standard grills apply higher direct heat to food and constantly draw moisture, making it difficult to regulate gradual heat penetration and drying out food.

The “Rotisserie Grilling System” rotates over a heat source. Using this method allows the heat to penetrate the food product at an even and slow rate. This happens because the food product leaves the heat source, allowing the heat to be gradually absorbed inward, without constantly drawing out the natural juices. This results in a moister and evenly grilled food product.


Most Grilling surfaces have burnt food, or worse, rust, on them from the last time they were used. Clean up usually involves heating up the grilling surface to an extreme temperature, burning excess charcoal, and scraping the grate clean, leaving behind bits and pieces. The taste of the residue on the grill, as well as the unappetizing appearance of the food, can turn a lot of people away from grilling or barbequing, especially anyone who is health conscious.

The “Rotisserie Grilling System” uses a “Drive Shaft” and “Meat Forks” that are made of a high quality 304 stainless steel which will never rust, and are simple to maintain and clean. To make cleaning a snap simply follow our “Food Tray Care” guide.

– Load & Go

The “Rotisserie Grilling System” was designed with the concept of using the “Load & Go” technique. With the Rotisserie System you can simply load the food you want to grill and go have fun doing something else! Since the Rotisserie System is in constant rotation attending to the grill or “babysitting” is no longer a necessity.


With the “Rotisserie Grilling System” you can grill in any weather rain or shine, because flare-ups are reduced or eliminated due to the constant rotation. Using the “Rotisserie Grillin System” gives you the ability to simply “Load & Go,” which means you don’t have to stand outside and constantly watch/attend to the grill.


During the wintertime, everyone gets cabin fever and craves the barbeque that they haven’t had in months.

The Load & Go benefits of constant rotation bring an end to your end of winter blues. The “Rotisserie Grilling System” takes the guesswork out of cook times and temperatures, and eliminates the fear of flare ups. Now you can load the tray and walk away, even in the middle of a snowstorm.


Anyone from the amateur to the professional griller can find backyard grilling to be intimidating. Well not anymore EasyGrillingProducts.Com will change your lifestyle. With our “Rotisserie” & “Rotary Grilling System“, step by step guides, instructional videos, tips and recipes grilling is made so easy that anyone can grill like a professional. With or without our help anyone using the Rotisserie Grilling System can produce restaurant quality food at a fraction of the cost. Once you try it, you won’t be able to stop!


The “Rotisserie Grilling System” is powered by a “12 volt DC. Drive Motor”. The motor can be powered by a variety of different power sources, for example: car battery, portable battery packs, regular household current, and its own rechargeable battery (still in development). This allows you to bring the “Rotisserie Grilling System” anywhere you desire, even tailgating and camping.


With the combination of all three grilling forms, you have the ability to use flat, “Rotisserie” & “Rotary Grilling System” along with a wide assortment of accessories in order to grill a wide array of food products. From grilled catfish to baby back ribs to pork butt to wild game, you will learn just how easy it is to rotisserie and rotary grill food to perfection.


Most grilling/ barbecuing is done on the weekends because of the time constraints. Using these new and revolutionary “Rotisserie” & “Rotary Grilling Systems” can change that. Along with the improvement in the way charcoal is lit, and the preloading of the food product, you can be ready to grill within 15 minutes, making grilling with charcoal almost as fast as gas. Now you can prepare a delicious barbeque while you mow the lawn or help your kids with their homework.


The “Easy Grilling Accessory System” is a combination of different grilling forms transformed into an all in one grilling masterpiece. Once you own the “Easy Grilling Accessory System” you will have the ability to interchange from RotaryRotisserie and even Flat Grilling within minutes. And coming soon you can grill with two forms simultaneously.